Review: The Final Empire, Brandon Sanderson

5 out ofstars

Read from 26 June to 7 July

The Final Empire



The Final Empire is the first book in the fantasy trilogy Misborn. In the Final Empire people are basically divided in two categories: the skaa – the submissive, hopeless and opressed slaves; and the aristocracy – they control the skaa, think of themselves like superior and don’t really consider skaa people. In this universe the magic system is called Allomancy and some people can ingest some metals and when they “burn” them inside have habilities that depend of the kind of metal. I still don’t know many magic systems, but this was the thing that made me want to read this trilogy (I knew about it from Regan from PeruseProject), as well as other reviews from other booktubers. I never before had heard of something even remotly like this and it had my attention right away, i coudn’t let go of something so peculiar!


The characters are all so incredibly build, the good ones and the bad ones, main and secondary, i found them to be real and relatable! They grabbed me from the begining, i was always curious and worried/excited about what was happening to them and about their past. And ahhhh, if there was breathtaking moments and moments to shed a tear…! It has also funny moments and good humor. The story revolves around a thieving crew, lead by the charismatic Kelsier who wants tho change the reality they live in. We also have a strong female character that we like from the very first start and there are few things that are so satisfying as follow the development and growing of characters and this was, undoubtedly, Vin’s case. However, she was not the only one!


I loved the peculiar setting of the Final Empire, with it’s crimson sun and the almost constant ash falling from the sky which mades everything dark and don’t let the plants have their “natural” colors (green, with vivid and full of life colors, as we know it) and rather be brownish and almost lifeless. This version of the world it’s the one that’s “normal” to their inhabitants who never saw things differently.


About negative points… I don’t have anything to say, I honestly found all moments to be relevant because they added somthing important to the narrative.


It was, without doubt, the characters, the writing and the PLOT that made it very difficult to me to put this book down.


Other comments/Reflections


The setting was really one of the things that made me think… Have you tried to imagine? The scenary which is described made everything easily more opressing and I think this english edition cover shows it very well. Living in the countryside, I tried to imagine how would it be if the vibrant green that covers everything was replaced by a lifeless brown and, honestly, it hurt inside. It made me realized how much I appreciate the green and gorgeous landscapes and the price we pay everyday for desflorestation, urbanization and fires.


Thanks to this book/trilogy (because i bought the boxed set) I’m now a fan of the english editions with it’s small and light paperbacks!

In portuguese, the Misborn trilogy is edited by Saída de Emergência.


The Final Empire (and the whole Mistborn trilogy, i’m sure) is highly recommended for people who like fantasy, a diferent magic system, a strong female character, thieves and revolutions!



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