TBR: Beat The Backlist 2017 Reading Challenge


I decided to participate in the 2017 Beat The Backlist Reading Challenge created by Novel Knight! You can find all about it in the original post right here. You really should check it out as well as her other posts!


This seems like a fun (and long) challenge that will certainly be very useful since everytime I look at my shelves and see its oldest residents that haven’t yet served their purpose I realise that I haven’t been doing a good job of picking them up… So this is basically the purpose of the challenge: knock off your TBR list that keeps growing because of new releases throughout 2017.


And there’s also a mini-challenge included: Hogwarts House Cup! I’ll be playing for Ravenclaw! I confess I went to pottermore just to find out my House for this challenge. I was planning on doing that only when I finally read all the HP books (I have only read the 3rd because for some reason is the only one my sister bought), although I had a feeling Ravenclaw would probably be my House 😊


Without more delay, here’s my long-time-waiting-TBR list at a random order (all the unread books I have on my shelves/future-Kobo):

1. O Pistoleiro by Stephen King ←
2. A Escolha dos Três by Stephen King ←
3. O Perfume: História de um Assassino by Patrick Suskind ←
4. Eragon by Christopher Paolini
5. Give Up the Ghost by Megan Crewe
6. Slip by David Estes
7. Pensa num Número by John Verdon ←
8. Os Olhos de Heisenberg by Frank Herbert ←
9. A Volta ao Mundo em 80 Dias by Jules Verne ←
10. Expulsos da Terra by Ursula K. Le Guin ←
11. Autumn in the City of Angels by Kirby Howell
12. The Awakening by Melissa A. Craven
13. Fantasy of Frost by Kelly St. Clare
14. First World by Jaymin Eve
15. The Treemarkers by Christina L. Rozelle
16. The Scarlet Thread by Derek Murphy
17. Wilder by G. K. DeRosa
18. XODUS by K. J. McPike
19. The Syndicate by Sophie Davis
20. First Year by Rachel E. Carter
21. Discern by Andrea Pearson
22. Contain by Saul Tanpepper
23. A Disfunção da Realidade – Emergência -1 by Peter F. Hamilton ←
24. Amor de Perdição by Camilo Castelo Branco ←
25. Sensibilidade e Bom Senso by Jane Austen ←
26. O Veleiro de Cristal by José Mauro de Vasconcelos
27. Stories for Children by Oscar Wilde

Note: This list will most likely get some more tittles.


Although I have 27 books listed, I know myself well enough to know that I can only read 30 books in one year (if it’s a really good year…). So I’ll set a minimum reading goal of 10 books of my long-waiting-TBR list (the special ones with the ← mark) because pressure. The marked books are the oldest residents of my shelves. It’s highly unlikely for me to buy new releases but I keep buying more books or getting them from the library instead of reading the ones I actually have waiting for me. So this is a really good incentive to keeping me from forgetting them!


I’ll keep this list updated and probably use my Twitter and Instagram aswell (using #BeatTheBacklist) 📚



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