Review: Nevernight (The Nevernight Chronicles #1), Jay Kristoff

So… I’ve been struggling on how to write this review in the light of what I’ve been reading recently about this…  I have mixed feelings about the book, I liked some things and disliked several others. And I really don’t think this is for a general YA audience, but for a more mature YA audience, it has several graphic scenes of violence and sex aswell as mature (or rough?? I don’t really know what to call it) language.

Despite the content of the book itself I really want to say that I loveeeeed the art work by Kerby Rosanes! This was what really made me want to have this book (and in hardcover). I already followed his work through social media and… It’s just really amazing!! So astonishing!!

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And now to a very important topic.

After I read a blog post by Anjulie I really didn’t want to highlight my level of enjoyment of the book/plot, because that post made me reflect on the issues this book have and, because of that, what I want to highlight in my review are the fact that those issues exist and I think it’s very important to be aware to not only think about own context/perspetive.  I obviously am not fit to talk about this, as a white (and european) person, so I’ll leave here the blog post I read:

Racism, Author Accountability, and Nevernight (Anjulie Te Pohe – Blog)

Here’s a quote from that post that really hit me:

From a storytelling perspective, the fundamental issue with using this trope (aside from it being racist) is that it only works if the readership truly believes in the inherent superiority of anyone (fictional or real) who resembles colonial Western European cultures/people. Whether they’re high elves or steampunk air balloon pirates, the framing of them being the “civilized” heroes and anyone coming from any culture, be they orcs or indigenous brown people, as lesser or “primitive.” These tropes and ideas are rooted in colonialism, racism, and genocide. It is dishonest for anyone to deny that fact.


I think that if you care and want to be a more informed person, you should read the post I mentioned. And If you don’t care, you should read it to start caring. I think this is very eye opening, or at least it was for me!


2 thoughts on “Review: Nevernight (The Nevernight Chronicles #1), Jay Kristoff

    • Ikr?? The cover is soooo fantastic! The art work is just… really amazing! I the overall plot was a 3 or 3,5 stars for me, but I would like it better if it didn’t had those problems :/
      I would like to know your opinion after you read it! 🙂


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