Wrap-up 2018 #2 | Books 4-10 > All Systems Red, HP & the Prisoner of Azkaban, Human Acts, Dark Matter & more

Hello, Rita here! 🌼

Maybe I should stop falling down the booktube-wrap-up/tbr-videos rabbit hole and spend more time creating my own bookish content 🤔

I’m trying to figure out if I should keep my wrap-ups short in info with only a brief sinopse, my general thoughts and my final rating and if I have a bit more to say I should do a review/thoughts on (even if it’s not *a lot* of thoughts, because sometimes I forget it’s a review and not an essay 😅) and add my CAWPILE rating? Well, I’m still playing around with this 🌼

But moving on, here are the last books I’ve read!


32758901All Systems Red by Martha Wells

This is a really cool sci-fi novella that is nominated for the Philip K. Dick Award. It’s written from the perspective of a security android that calls itself Murderbot but is very bad at its job because it hates humans and killing, so it hacked its own governor module and now is assigned (well, rented by the Company) to a team of scientists that are running tests in the surface of a planet. And Murderbot really doesn’t care. But then… stuff happens.

I LOVED THIS SO MUCH! The Muderbot’s personality (oh boy, the sarcasm) made my day, I felt so invested in this from the beginning! I think it’s truly amazing how Martha Wells was able to put so much in just about 100 pages, I feel like I got to know Murderbot quite a lot (I really was invested in their story). Although we don’t get much world building we have enough to understand what’s going on at the moment and it leaves us so curious that we *must* carry on with this series! Or at least I definitely will. In physical format because I *must* have this (I read this one on Kobo).



5915The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien

Uhuhuh, I finally read this!

It took me longer than I expected to read it because of the writting style but I enjoyed following the adventures of Bilbo and the Company. It was fun to see Bilbo getting out of his comfort zone, doing the best he could to help his friends and how he tried to impress them. Also, I thought the part when they find Smaug would be longer, but oh well.

Well, I finally know some more about this world! I hope to read (or at least start) the Lord of the Rings trilogy this year.



10957778Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by You Know Who

This was a reread for me, I had first read this in portuguese (actually, it was the only HP book I had read before 😅). And I still love it! I remembered some parts and the big plot twist but this was sooo fun!

I’m loving to see how much these characters grow from book to book.

❤️ Buckbeak ❤️ Time-turner ❤️


36045306Atos Humanos (Human Acts) by Han Kang

I’m proud that my library had this. And this… Was a tough read. I was shocked during the whole book and deeply sad, I had to take some breaks from my reading, so it’s dificult to say that I “enjoyed” this. In my opinion, the writting style is simple in a way that gives more power to the story, each chapter follows a different character and they’re not all told in the same person, which took a bit to get used to. The last chapter caught me by surprise because it was non-fiction and the author explains us what inspired this story.

This has several trigger warnings although I don’t think I can remember them all because I read this in the last days of January/beginning of February so I apologise, but the things I remember more vividly: violence, sexual abuse, torture and description of corpses.



32810089Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

This is the first book I read by Blake Crouch, although I’ve  seen the first season of Wayward Pines I’ll definitely read that trilogy (people say it’s better and I believe them)! Dark Matter is a sci-fi thriller that follows Jason, a man that 16/17 years ago decided to start a family when the love of his life told him she was pregnant and, therefore, focus more in his family than his career. Does he wonder if his life would be different had he made different choices? Yes. But he likes his life and family very much and all is well. Until on day when he’s abducted.

I really enjoyed this! I figured out one or two things at the beginning but most of the time I was surprised. The end left me with some questions that I’d like to have the answers for, but I guess we can’t have it all.



1042542Sabriel by Garth Nix

I choose this one base on the Try a Chapter Book Tag! So if you want to know what the prologue says, go check that out!

It took me about 50 pages to get invested in the story but I think it was me and not the book, my mind just kept wandering around, but after that I was all in! I think the world building is really interesting although this is the first book in the series so we don’t have it all explained. I liked the concept of the different bells and I’d also like to know more about the different Gates in Death!

I’m really happy I have the second one (sadly I didn’t bring it with me), although I think it may follow different characters… Which is sad, because I got really invested in Sabriel, Mogget and Touchstone.



23209670Traitor’s Blade by Sebastien de Castel

Looooooooved it again!

This was one of my favourite books of 2017 and after lending it to a friend I was really in the mood of rereading it so I had it more fresh in my memory for when I get my hands in the sequel – Knight’s Shadow (SOON 🤞).





Have you read any of these? What have you read recently? I’d love to know! 🌼📚


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