Current Reads + Mood TBR | #1

As a mood reader constructing TBR lists is quite difficult, but I can predict with a certain accuracy the next 2 to 4 books I want to read next. So here we have the first instalment!


Rick and Morty Book Tag

Hello, Rita here!  Long time no see!! Today I'm (finally) back with a book tag! I really have to start doing more of these (2018 goals 😉 ). I saw Ish from ReadingRealm doing this tag on youtube and I also watched the original video and Willow's video at thereadingcorner! You should check them out!  Aaaaand I really like Rick and Morty, so let's start!

#TheReadingQuest Sign-Up & TBR

Hello, Rita here! 🌼 (I will never get over this Zuko fase) Today I'll be talking about my TBR for the reading challenge #TheReadingQuest which is inspired in video-game quests and has a bingo card type of challenge! This challenge was created by Aentee @ Read at Midnight and you can find all the information... Continue Reading →

T5W (26 April): Authors You Want To Read More From

I finally decided to do a Top 5 Wednesday!! This is a great prompt for me, because I tend to read a book from one author, like it a lot, think a lot about reading more books by that author and then I always end up delaying it to read other books by other authors I didn't yet had the opportunity to read... And with this, lets start!

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