Review: A Darker Shade of Magic (Shades of Magic #1), V. E. Schwab

Name: A Darker Shade of Magic (Shades of Magic #1) Author: V. E. Schwab Format: ebook ISBN: 1466851376 ISBN13: 9781466851375 Genre: Fantasy > Magic, YA Sinopse from Goodreads: Kell is one of the last Travelers—magicians with a rare, coveted ability to travel between parallel universes—as such, he can choose where he lands. There’s Grey London, dirty... Continue Reading →


Review: Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, Ransom Riggs

This is the first book of the trilogy Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children, being fantasy>paranormal and Young Adult. Strange happenings lead to a family tragedy that has a strong impact on Jacob, the lead character, and make him leave on a trip with his father to a remote island in Wales to discover more about his grandfather's past. There starts a new and dangerous adventure to discover more about himself and his grandfather's mysterious life, mainly during his adolescence. The story is set mainly on a island in Wales, where the weather is not nice to its inhabitants (and even less to the visitors), but it definetly helps to create na atmosphere of mystery and gives a little creepy touch to the events.

Review: The Final Empire, Brandon Sanderson

The Final Empire is the first book in the fantasy trilogy Misborn. In the Final Empire people are basically divided in two categories: the skaa - the submissive, hopeless and opressed slaves; and the aristocracy - they control the skaa, think of themselves like superior and don't really consider skaa people. In this universe the magic system is called Allomancy and some people can ingest some metals and when they "burn" them inside have habilities that depend of the kind of metal.

Review: Dune, Frank Herbert

In this sci-fi classic, we quickly see ourselves in an unknown and desertic world: Arrakis, also known as Dune. There, the water is scarce and the heat is overwhelming. The mysterious spice which holds big economic importance (and dependency) to the Empire, comes from there.

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